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2 Orphanage Road,
Baksibazar, Dhaka
Phone: 8626138, 9675520
Fax: 8616681, 8620841
E-mail: info@bmeb.gov.bd
Power & Duties of Office of the Registrar
Power and duties of the key persons of the office of the Registrar are -
  1. The Registrar shall, subject to the control of the Chairman, be in charge of the Board’s office and shall cause the orders and decisions of the Board and the Chairman to be carried out.
  2. The Registrar shall exercise and perform the following powers and duties, namely-
    1. He shall take all possible steps to ensure that the funds of the Board are spent on the purposes for which they are provided.
    2. He shall cause to be prepared and submit to the Board for approval the annual statement of accounts and budget estimates.
    3. He shall convene all meetings of the Board and Committees under the direction of the Chairman. While preparing the agenda for meeting of the Board or a Committee, he shall carry out the direction of the Chairman given in this respect and no item shall be placed on such an agenda or be considered in the meeting without previous permission of the Chairman.
    4. He shall conduct the official correspondence of the Board under the authority of the Chairman except the correspondence relating to the conduct of examination and shall record the minutes and maintain the records of the proceedings of the meetings of the Board and the Committees.
    5. All fees and dues payable to the Board, and all sums received by the Registrar, shall be credited without delay to the account of the Board in a scheduled bank approved by the Board or in the Government treasury.
    6. He shall be the disbursing officer of the employees of the Board and shall be responsible for proper deduction and recoveries and see that such amounts are credited to the appropriate head of account of tie Madrasah Education Fund.
    7. He shall be the drawing officer and shall, jointly with the Chairman, sign all cheques above Tk. 500; and all cheques of Tk. 500 and below shall be signed by the Registrar alone.
    8. He shall be the custodian of the imprested cash of Tk. 2,500 of the Board and shall incur normal expenditure not exceeding Tk. 500 for each item at a time. For any unusual expenditure and any normal expenditure exceeding Tk. 500, prior approval of the Chairman shall have to be obtained before it is incurred.
    9. Subject to the conditions laid down in clause (ft), he shall draw and disburse all contingent and other bills.
    10. He shall be the controlling officer for the purpose of traveling allowance in respect of the employees of the Board.
    11. He shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the Chairman.
  3. Not withstanding anything to the contrary in this regulation, the Board may assign to any other officer or officers such duties of the Registrar as it may, from time to time, deem necessary.
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